Top 9 Paying Skilled Jobs In Canada This 2024

You can secure top-paying jobs in Canada whether you are a student seeking a residency permit or a skilled worker looking for greener pastures. Canada presents everything to you on a platter of gold. 

However, the hunt for jobs in the country can be competitive especially if they are very lucrative. Your life and way of living could change the moment you get the job of your dreams when it pays you handsomely. Read on to understand some of the top-paying jobs in Canada in 2024.

List Of Top Paying Skilled Jobs In Canada This 2024 

1. Anesthesiologist 

Average Annual Salary: $346,000

Being an Anesthesiologist implies that you have one of the top-paying skilled jobs in Canada this 2024. One of the reasons why professionals like this don’t hesitate to get employed is because of their critical role in surgical dedication. 

Their key roles involve administering anesthesia to patients during surgery operations. They also monitor the patient’s vital signs due to the delicate process.  

One can’t become a skilled and certified anesthesiologist overnight because it requires extensive training which includes a medical degree, and a residency in anesthesiology. 

Unlike some jobs in the medical sector, doing this type of job requires a high level of skill and precision to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. This is because they pay high for this medical role. 


2. Surgeon 

Average Annual Salary: $331,000

They are another set of highly trained medical specialists whose positions are also among the top-paying skilled jobs in Canada this 2024. Their duties are very delicate and require utmost care to save the life of the patient. 

From performing complex operations to treating injuries, diseases, and other medical conditions, surgeons place themselves differently from other medical professionals. To get to this level, they undergo extensive education and training by having a medical degree and a residency in a surgical specialty. 

Every healthcare sector in various countries is in demand of professional surgeons to save the lives of patients, which is why these governments ensure that their salaries are reflected in the critical role they play when it comes to diagnosing and administering treatment through surgical procedures. 

Most importantly, it also includes the responsibility they have for the successful outcome of their procedures. 


3. Physician/Doctor 

Average Annual Salary: $281,000

Most patients and the general public consider doctors as a general term for medical professionals. Well, there’s some level of distinction and their names aren’t the same as they seem. 

Known as physicians or doctors, they specialize in treating illnesses, injuries, and various medical conditions. 

Just like other medical professionals who want to have one of the top-paying skilled jobs in Canada this 2024, doctors also undergo rigorous training, a residency, and certain certifications. 

High salaries are given to doctors due to the demanding nature of their jobs as well as the extensive education and training required. It is done in such a way as to ensure the well-being of their patients which can affect their lives. 


4. Investment Banker 

Average Annual Salary: $156,000

If you intend to work in the banking sector, you can become an investment banker. There are many top-paying skilled jobs in this sector within Canada. Investment banking is just one of them. These financial professionals work for banks, investment firms, or corporations. 

Their services include underwriting securities offerings, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and advising clients on complex financial transactions. Typically, one can’t succeed in this field without having a good footing in finance, economics, or accounting. 

They must also possess strong analytical skills. These investment bankers in Canada are placed very high by offering them competitive salaries and flexible working conditions despite that the job often involves long hours, intense pressure, and high-stakes deals. 


5. Corporate Lawyer 

Average Annual Salary: $148,000

Do you want to become a highly-paid legal practitioner in Canada? If you have your Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree or Juris Doctor (J.D.), and you have a good footing in the legal profession, you can become a corporate lawyer in Canada. 

Don’t underestimate this position because it falls among the top-paying skilled jobs in Canada in 2024. So it’s left to you to grab the opportunity by looking for your preferred area of specialization. 

Corporate lawyer focuses on certain areas of practice such as mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance, contract negotiation, corporate governance, and intellectual property law. Apart from those mentioned, numerous explorable areas are available for lawyers to tap into. 

Afterward, you will work as a legal professional who can provide legal counsel and representation to businesses, corporations, and organizations. 

Amazingly, you’d love this job because corporate lawyers are valued in all parts of the world due to their advocacy skills, legal expertise, and also the ability to provide sound legal advice to their clients. 


6. Petroleum Engineer 

Average Annual Salary: $144,000

Petroleum engineers are known for their skilled professions when it comes to the exploration, extraction, and production of oil and natural gas resources. Their role is very important in Canada’s oil sector and its overall economy. 

The best petroleum engineers available are those who use their expertise in geology, physics, and engineering principles to design and head drilling operations, optimize oil and gas production, and also develop strategies for resource recovery. 

A petroleum engineer’s job is the technical complexity and the demanding nature of their work like in remote locations. They must also bear greater responsibility in ensuring safe and efficient extraction processes. You can also consider this skill as one of the top-paying skilled jobs in Canada in 2024 due to the global need for energy resources.  


7. Engineering Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $135,000

Engineering has several fields and each of them is very lucrative in a professional setting because they attract higher salaries from various companies and governmental organizations. Engineering managers usually oversee and coordinate the work of teams of engineers based on various disciplines like civil, mechanical, electrical, or software engineering. 

They are considered exceptional and perfect at what they do because they play an important role in engineering projects and ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and in compliance with regulatory standards and specifications. To excel as an engineering manager, one must have strong technical knowledge, leadership skills, and project management abilities.


8. Natural Resources Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $128,000

Natural resource managers are also highly paid because an important part of their job involves monitoring the exploration, development, and sustainable management of natural resources. 

Canada’s resource-based economy provides them with this opportunity where they would perform their jobs effectively and ensure that all valuable resources are extracted and utilized efficiently as the resource managers abide by environmental regulations and sustainability principles. 

To become an expert in this type of job, they must have a strong background in geology, forestry, mining, and environmental science to develop and implement resource management plans, monitor resource extraction activities, and mitigate environmental impacts. 

Their high salaries reflect the critical importance of their work in managing Canada’s natural wealth and ensuring the long-term viability of these resources.


9. Financial Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $98,000

Almost every company and organization around the world depends on the skills and expertise of financial managers. Therefore it will be one of the top-paying skilled jobs in Canada this 2024. 

They help individuals and companies to plan financially for their expenses and how to manage revenue. They also monitor financial operations and activities of organizations relating to the inflows and outflows of money. 

These experts make budgets for different kinds of organizations to keep them on the right path of managing their financial situations. Other functions include risk management and making investment decisions. 

Thanks to financial managers, many organizations today are financially stable and healthy. It also includes non-profit organizations and government entities. 

They can also use their expertise in certain areas such as accounting, finance, and economics to develop and implement financial strategies, analyze financial data, and provide guidance on financial matters.


How Do I Get The Top Paying Skilled Jobs In Canada? 

The first thing you need to understand before applying for a top-paying skilled job in Canada this 2024 is that you need to have the required educational background, professional experience, and strategic planning. Let’s look at some important steps you must consider to boost your chances of securing one of these highly-paid positions;

1. Obtain the necessary education and credentials

Many of the top-paying skilled jobs in Canada require advanced degrees or specialized certifications. You can become a physician, surgeon, or anesthesiologist if you have completed the required degree and received your certifications and professional licenses. This also applies to lawyers and others. 

2. Gain relevant work experience

The most important thing you must possess when applying for a top-paying skilled job in Canada is your experience in the field. Companies are more inclined to offer job positions to experts in a certain field, provided they have gained relevant work experience before applying. 

There are easy ways to get experience in your field. You can opt for internships, co-op programs, or entry-level positions in your desired field to gain practical experience and build your professional network. Continuously seek opportunities to develop your skills and expertise, as many top-paying jobs require several years of progressive experience.

3. Develop in-demand skills

If you have a specific skill in mind, it’s important to implement that skill especially if it is highly valued in your chosen field. You can also improve by developing them each day. 

If we take data scientists for example, they usually focus on programming languages, statistical modeling, and data visualization tools, while corporate lawyers should focus on developing expertise in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiation, and regulatory compliance. 

4. Explore specialized roles or niche industries

Some of the highest-paying skilled jobs are found in specialized or niche industries, such as petroleum engineering, natural resource management, or investment banking. Consider pursuing specialized certifications or gaining experience in these sectors, as they often command higher salaries due to the specific expertise required.

5. Leverage professional networks

Another important step that shouldn’t be overstated is leveraging professional networks. You need to link up with professionals in your field and other platforms for job opportunities. It’s important not to miss out on updates regarding job postings because you might end up not knowing what’s going on in your industry. 

Attend industry events, join professional associations, and engage with colleagues, mentors, and potential employers. These connections can provide valuable insights, job opportunities, and recommendations that can give you a competitive edge.


Which industry pays the highest salary?

Investment bankers, often referred to as financial experts, command some of the highest salaries not just in Canada, but globally. Annual earnings can range from CAD 40,000 to CAD 1.2 million, depending on experience and expertise.

Which field has a lot of money?

Zippia indicates that the finance and investment sectors generate the most millionaires. However, technology, manufacturing, and healthcare are also significant contributors to wealth creation. In 2022, the majority of millionaires were aged between 50 and 70.

What qualifications are required for high-paying skilled jobs in Canada?

Qualifications generally include a combination of formal education, certifications, and practical experience. For example, software engineers typically need a degree in computer science or a related field.

Which industries are seeing the highest demand for skilled workers in Canada in 2024?

Industries with the highest demand for skilled workers in Canada in 2024 include technology, healthcare, construction, and engineering. These sectors are experiencing rapid growth and innovation, driving the need for qualified professionals.


There will be more top-paying skilled jobs in Canada as time goes on and those positions will be filled with qualified applicants. Make that decision today to become part of the Canadian labor force by finding a good job in your field that changes your standard of living completely.

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